• Producer / Technical Director / Designer
• Game Developer / 3D Modeler / Texture Artist / Motion Graphics Artist
• Stage Manager / Video Engineer & Switcher, Camera Operator, Photographer
• Network Engineer / Systems Administrator / Webcaster


Professional Experience:

Reoccurring Consultant Work
September 2005 to Present

Network Engineer for design and installation of IT backbone infrastructure, hardwired and wireless network, and technical support for live events and large venues worldwide including conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, corporate meetings, festivals, and concerts. Pre-show and on-site client liaison, management of properties and local labor crews, graphic design and production, interactive presentations, presentation database management, digital signage, video capture, webcasting, and ARS (audience response systems) for general sessions, breakouts, kiosks, exhibits, slide review and speaker ready rooms.
Producer, technical director, projectionist, video engineer and switcher of hires, widescreen, multi-screen general sessions, plenary sessions, and large venues.

Current Contracts:

Projection Presentation Technology/font>


J. Burton & Associates

Digitally Speaking

CMI Communications

Mission Control Productions

Producer / Technical Director
November 2005 to present
Cinedreams, San Francisco, CA

Responsibilities include technical directing, graphic creation and manipulation, video editing / engineering / switching, computer networking, camera operation and shading, videotape operation, projection, rigging, lighting, and audio engineering for live shows and events including concerts and television programs.

Art Director
May 2005 to present
Killer 3D, San Francisco, CA

Create 3D animation for various projects including broadcast television content, videogame graphics, and web content. Worked to developed Crystal Render, an e-commerce site specializing in producing customized etched crystals deriving from customers uploaded 3D files included in online orders.

Graphic Artist / Web Designer / IT Manager
January 2002 to April 2002 , September 2002 to January 2005
Media Resource Exchange, Las Vegas, NV

Managed a full IT staff of technicians over a six property enterprise fulfilling 24 hour support in a demanding fast paced environment. Developed and maintained web site including creation of graphics and 3D web content. Programmed proprietary interface for company software. Conducted several photo shoots and created graphic artwork for a clothing catalog.

3D Modeler
April 2002 to September 2002
Kaon Interactive Inc., Maynard, MA

Develop real-time 3d objects for use in web-based 3D viewer. Create and optimize photo-realistic texture maps. Work with software engineers to create and improve tools for production use by the 3D modeling team. Clients include Sony, Panasonic, Palm, Nokia, Dell, Casio, Ford, Bose, Samsung, Toshiba, Cisco, Iomega, Hitachi, Fisher-Price.

Demo Artist / Technical Engineer
August 1998 to January 2001
Impressions with Software, NY, NY

Responsibilities included UNIX and systems support, maintenance, and installation of SGI and Discreet products, creating 3D animations and special effects for client productions and demonstrational videos, as well as conducting training seminars of software including Maya, Smoke, and Flame. Clients include HBO, NYSE, and Bloomberg Television. Performed UNIX systems administration.

3D Artist / Post Processing Technician
July 1995 to July 1997
Acclaim Entertainment Inc., Glen Cove, NY

Responsibilities included creating 3D animation for full motion video title sequences for WWF: In Your House and NHL Breakaway 98 video games. Responsible for modeling and texture mapping of characters for NBA Jam Extreme video game. Responsibilities also included capture and conversion of raw video, optimization, and palette reduction of imagery used in full motion video game sequences and 2D sprites. Created 3D content for The Pipe, a video game television network. Directed the WWF superstars and compressed the full motion video sequences for WWF: Raw Is War. Processed and compressed full motion video sequences for Magic: The Gathering. Also worked on Quarterback Club, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, Batman Forever, George Foreman For Real Boxing, Alien Trilogy, Dragonheart, Iron Man XO Manowar, Batman & Robin, Fantastic Four, NBA Jam TE, X-Men, College Slam.3D

September 1993 to July 1995
New York Institute of Technology, Central Islip, NY

Responsibilities included creating 3D animations and conducting demonstrations of new technology.

Reoccurring Consultant Work
September 1993 to 2001

Kaon Interactive Inc., Maynard, MA
Model 3d products for real-time 3d viewer.

Acclaim Entertainment Inc., Glen Cove, NY
Camera operation, talent direction, color reduction and compression, and processing of graphics for Blue Screen Studio.

Medallion Integrated Creative Services, NY, NY
Model 3D objects for Barnes & Noble.

Pro Image Studios, Islandia, NY
Created 3D animation for Sports Advisors, a sports entertainment show. Produced graphics for the game show The Long Island Challenge. Designed and produced 3D Animation for linticular phone cards.

CaliCO Animation, Huntington, NY
Created 3D animation for Marker product sales video. Produced 3D animation for nationally syndicated TV programs: Master the Mountain and The Quest for Gold. Modeled and Textured real-time 3D objects.

NHK Enterprises America, NY, NY
Production Consultant for multi-camera HDTV OBTruck

Cablevision Systems Corp., Bethpage, NY
Production Consultant for multi-camera OBTruck

New York Institute of Technology: Fine Arts - Computer Graphics
Technical Experience:
3D modeling & animation, hard surface & environmental modeling, texture mapping, real-time web 3D, particle systems, skeletal systems, inverse kinematics, character rigging, character animation, lip synching, rotoscoping, previsualization creation, match moving, stereo 3d editing, crowd manipulation, facial animation, photo-grammetry, compositing, morphing, chromakey, palette reduction, motion capture, head scanning, broadcast camera operation & shading, digital photography, video production & switching, linear & non-linear editing, stage lighting, talent directing, network admin, disk imaging, server assembly, remote support, wireless management, software deployment, security administration, exchange server, active directory, clustering, multi-boot, virtualization, digital signage, ARS, HTML, XML, javascript, Cisco IOS, HP Procurve, DVD authoring, Windows Server, MAC, SGI, LINUX, HDTV, Folsom /Barco Encore, Vista Systems Spyder, Dataton Watchout, Doremi, Grass Valley Turbo, Ki Pro, Playback Pro, Samsung Magic Net/Info, webcasting, media encoding/decoding, media streaming, video walls, bluesocket, VMware, Xen
Software Experience:
3DStudioMax, Lightwave, Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, UDK (Unreal Development Kit), After Effects, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Flame, Smoke, Premiere Pro, AVID, Ultimatte, Visio, Dreamweaver, Visual Basic, Encore, PowerPoint, Keynote, Impress, Turning Point, Ghost, Windows Media Encoder, Flash Media Encoder

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