After using subways in various countries I must say, Korea certainly has an advanced digital sign system (above) with animations for arrivals, transfers and exiting the train cars. Also I have never seen a subway system with a more sophisticated set of directions for finding the right numbered exit to the street. With that said, good luck finding your way around the actual city subway itself. Every map is inconsistent with different shapes and spellings, and to make it worse the fare cards are weird with refunds and sometimes you end up going through exits twice? They exercise every day before work (below)
There's that reversed swastika again! (above) The cars seem to have no problem barreling down tight alleys and walkways. So it seemed most of the snacks and street vendor food was ludicrously spicy and soaked in chili sauce. Except of course the stewed bugs. (both sides) They are very big on their ginseng. (below right) And you can't miss the octopus, it's displayed outside in a fish tank like it's an aquarium, but make no mistake- it's a restaurant and you eat the octopus alive as it's moving. You have to be careful to keep a glass of water and some rice or roughage nearby for when the tentacle's suction cups grabs on to your throat on the way down!