rev. 7

Winkish proudly welcomes our newest member Lilliana Quintana!
CongraDulations Lily and enjoy your winkish enlightenment!

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The Old Testimentary

Get out before I spit my mouse at you!
Reversal of fortune
...mind you that the board itself is illegal and not the act of stealing it.
Congradulations boys, but we canít use it!
As you can clearly see... (hear)
all knowing
self aware
YOU MUST (replace untitled into FD0!)
paint by handcart
Newton! (OK!)
Oh toaster!
Hello, unwelcomed!
Hide all faces!
All too clear.
fuel cannister
I need some service!
sire (records)
Seer (of all)(good and bad, especially bad)
cannister of bad
sears robuck & co
seared beast
sheered beast
scorned beast
Sir Bean
sirbean nights
kind sir
(Lord) kaiser
Lord Keister
Lord Geiser
Lord Geyser
Lord Keebler
Lord Cobbler
Lord save
Lord Savings Bank
Lord save us (everyone)
Lord savior
Lord save your soul
Lake Heuron
Lake Cured
winter solstice
forescorning process
scorny weaver
scrawny weaver
Keep order! (I say)
Keep water at your side at all times!
Keeping water is the first order of business.
For keep sake!
Itís whatís unsaid that counts
Get your (voicebox) in working order!
Get some working water!
Get yourself a work [order / ordinance]
Get your shit in order, and then get it the hell out of here!
I need, you must!
I need your mustard! (all over my face)
I have needs, for godís sake!
The burial of Murial
Iím needy!
Letís take your brain out, spread it across the table, and take a good hearty look at it!
You need to find, and find alike!
pants so tight you can see teeth
[Unhand / Turn over] your daughter!
Brackish at best.
As firm as beans can be!
Call it a day!
Hang it up and call it a life!
How much?
The lord will trade your soul to the devil for stock options!
The lord will send your soul straight to hell in a salt basket!
The lord will send your soul to the devil via fax!
For everyone knows the lordís fax machine has needed toner for quite some time now! (Mr. Anderson)
For even the lord is late for FedEx sometimes.
A salt shaker will be sent in separate packaging!
The lordís dog will have his way with your soul!
Enough to turn a man sedentary (on the spot)
Dollars to Danishes! Danishes to Donuts!
Why did you have to give up? (So soon)
One of the lordís seven.
Wear your very best wig and gavel.
Few more, Few less!
Remember Pearl Harbor!
Remember what your grandfather died for!
Remember by whoís hand your grandfather was killed!
Getting wiggy with it!
Getting [piggy / piggly] with it!
Getting pinkeye with it!
[Tale / Tail] of two wigs
No more bets!
Have you done a stitch of work?
Split the ass with the blunt end of a hatchet! (of course)
Go fetch grandfatherís hatchet, boys!
Tip your wig to grandfather, boys!
Wink at grandfather, boys!
ass to ass (boys)!
Top of the wig to you!
Greasy hands, greasy hands!
coil cake
broken link
buckled seats
Keep your wigtails tied and your nose to the winkler!
I wear my wig backwards, so the wigtails cover my eyes.
Wink at the lord and the lord winks back (just not the same way)
two slaps from the lordís wigtails.
half of two weeks
two wigs
Whoís Winston Churchill, boys?
Any instance of Winstance Churchill III|2 will do.
Before Henry gets started...(Iíd like to go over a few ground rules)
Henry would be proud!
Henry will have your head!
Self control is a virtue!
Winking the mile, winking the mile!
Stuff it in and call it a day!
Can the real Henry Winkler please stand up!
like only Henry should
Keep it real, tight that is!
Keep it on ebay, no reserve!
our wife
the mother of our child
fused DNA
Be still!
For every school child knows!
when's the next flight?
bartender, bartender!
pig and whistle
fried [whistle/wallet]
Sink, Sink, In the wink!
sunken meadow parkway
stunken meadow
trip to the meadows
getting some stink
How couldnít you!
What don't we have here?
Sedimentary, my dear Watson, sedimentary!
mouth to wink resedimentation
a ball in each socket
eye to eye
portly belly
thick skinned
ghost of Scooby-doo
Send up our very best!
Put us into hyperventilation, Chewy!
Settle the score, Chewy!
sans sheriff
Whoís the serif of this town?
Who let the lord in?
Öthe lordís victim
Sprekení ze deuch, de oink, de oink!
The lord moves in mysterious and predictable ways, but always from behind!
The lord is sinking about you!
ease it in like a gentleman!
semour wigs
Walt Busney
Winkety wink!
Wunkety wunk! (don't call back)(ever!)
Run kitty run!
hale sinkler!
mix the beans with water and stand back!
mix the beans with water and by the way, stan's back!
stan back!
stan's back!
stan's back and better than ever!
stan's back, and baaaader than ever!
the bad apple
the ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ad apple!
the baa-a-aha-ha-ahh-ahh!
glaze a gavel
get a good glaze going
get your glaze on
A distiguished gentleman never lets the glaze dry
push them together (and push them the hell out of here)
by the way...
By the way, that's relatively easy. I'll have it done by luch time. By the way, talk to manure, You'll get better results!
by the wayside...
wayside industries
of course!
of cornst!
of cornstarch!
corn stains
cornstained notebook
boo hoo!
blue hue!
ewwwwwww, e! e!
You don't scare me with you beard und you glasses!
You don't scare me with you brown and bloody beard!
Stan... his way... your face!
Beard Und Glasses!
Biad und glazzes!
Biad und glozengers!
sheared and glasses!
always bet on brown
ABO brown
undo? NO UNDO!
(pile of) manuure!
unhand the (original) hen!
hens tied behind our backs

pecking order
turn me [hillfinger]
fogged up glasses
beard up against the back of your neck
sean puffy coats
p. coaty
the keebler elves (are coming for you)
the keebler elves are coming in you!
put the gavel on the record!
stufen en einen vinkler!
Mc Swiggins
off kilter the helm
good show old (chap)(girl)(patsy)
always a good showing!
Well done! it's the fourth of july!
pinwheel party
Dirty Thursdays!
Thirty Dirty (Thursdays)
either way stan wins!
canker soar
shankar soar
hot under the collar
Abraham's winkin at you (boys)(You know what that means!)
Abra's hand
keep a close eye on Abra's hand!
Abra hen
cement gavel
QUIET FRANKLIN! (disturbing the peace!)
Stan wouldn't have it any other way! And [quite frankly / quiet franklin] why should  he?
he won't stan for that!
why wouldn't you? (and how shouldn't you?)
why wooden shoes?
plywooden shoes!
plywood shoes!
buy wooden shoes!
invest in plywood (for your childrens [sake/future])
apply wooden shoes to plastic feet
strap on your very best pair of plywood shoes and [go to town / go out dancing]
pudding shoes
oh pudding fairy, your the one(z)! (You always leave my bowl so clean!)
the one(s)(z)!
Oh Stanz!
Nissan Stanza!
Stanly's Steamers
Semour Wiggs
see more wigs (see less wink)
fighting gavels
harness the power of the floating beard and glasses
open toed glove
open fingered shoe
The Jowls of 3Dstudio!
The Jiles of 3Dstudio!
S.S. Giles
S.S. Ilverman
a little light in the loafers
patsy, are they ok?
virtual patsy
Again, Patsy?
...Patsy's perspective (on life)
aland parsons project
al and patsy's project
shanley's been indited (again)
shanley hasn't been indited!
Pants down again Stanley?!
Stan down admirable Silverman!
there's nothing admirable about what he does!
...flew the coop
launch time
pot shots
..the domes light up
laser show
When am I going to get my turn with the winktern?
hairy potroast
Why did you have to?
back in highschool i fell into a bad crowd of radar detectors
steady grandpappy's shotgun!
look into those domes and tell me if you think he knows what he's doing!
Who let the hen in?
Who let the hand in?
Who let the hand out?
There's a hand in the hen house!
There's a hen in the hand house!

[release / unleash] the [hens / hands]
keep your hens to yourself!
Shatner was promoted
keep it under your wig
matted down, stcky hard with food, unkempt beard
big thick, filthy, fogged up glasses
getting downright piggly with it!
getting downright with it!
he's gone from punishing straight to punching
zeigler & ziegler

stan, you've outdone yourself!
pfff! - ching! - ching!
chrrp - chrrp!
hmm, hmm, hmmmm
for best piggly, push firmly and swiftly on stomach, apply eye to wink, and release
get all your pigs in line
crushed tomatoes
giant muddy boots
[double] dipping
(process of) indition
(getting quite) ungentlemanly like
A Stan-Shatner adventure

wigs and gavels, gavels and wigs, happy man is a man who sinks
big brown doors
big, dirty, enormous, food covered, pudding drenched, disgusting, smelly, brown doors
lunkage (stan's stuff)
dipping, dunking, sloshing, and [plunking / jumping /spelunking]
staniel hall
the brown round
Dunken Hindquarters
Seymour Sloshburg
Dunkin' the clown
chewby, or not chewby (there is no question)
Bingo! (no Bango!)
stan cheats because he can't wait!
greased up greyhound
that doesn't sound very appealing
edward semour hens
good showmanship (award / nominee)

good showmanship for all, and for all a good show!
goodest showmanship
good showingsworth
showboat (enterprises)
showboating extravaganza
good one! (stan)
twenty two
consider this a warning, boys.
the Boston triple A office is now closed. We will re-open Monday morning at eight twenty twoo hoo hoo hmmm hmm!!!
he's not finished yet!

he won't stan for it
he won't stan-for-it university
hail sinkler
hyle sinkler
edward sinclair hands
hi al!
a hyler
hind lick
he's all stained up with (himself / yourself)
final destination
instant menacing
let go stan!

quiznos on clay, 15% off, tell 'em stan sent you
sir, stan always sends you - whether you like it or not!
stan's yams
edonk and e-go!
don quijote
don king
elegant hen cabinets
rolling hens
filthy hens
blinking winks
we do that now
we know it's you (stan)
priceline again?
even better stan, they let me choose!
sirs all
dunk city
jumping bag
sara bellex: wife of the inventor of the radar detector
sara bellums
stanley is the name, hindrance is the game!
Ivan Stanovich
Ivan Stans-a-bitch
Kluase von Glousburg
aloha boys!
stanley's son
stanley's song (all about you)(performed by [you \ stanley's son])
stanley's psalm
human prawns
half man - half hen
now shatner!
plan the shiad on your own time
pat say jack
puncho villa
stanish at best
stan is a pest
stan is a menace
haight stanyon
hate stan (stan hits back)
slice of wink
shoe salesman ship
pinned through the skull
gorillas in the midst
hand solo
hen solo
Half of two(1), two, Henryís winking at you, Half of two plus two(3), Two times two(4), better get your glue...

You better watch out. you better sleep tight. you better sleep on your back, Iím telling you why. Th-e- lord is coming- for you!

I always feel like, the lord is watching me! poking and prodding... oh wo oh, i always feel like stanley is sinking me...

Guess who's back! back again! stan is back! tell a friend!

A little bit of cornstarch on your chin, a little bit of coilcake on your shoe, a little bit of stan DNA on your neck, 
makes you the one for stan!

Stan's in the place where you [work / live] -having fun-
sink about [infection, wonder why it's so bad / protection, wonder why he isnt using any]
[your feet are going to launch off the ground / your trousers are going to launch out your mouth]
     opt 1) his hands are there to [hold you down / cover your mouth]
     opt 2) your hands are there to keep him aroused

Charltronics on your case? no need to [break / change] a face, Slip a Disc! Slip a disc, and call it a day!

Patsy are they ok? Are they ok patsy? 'cause we've been hit by, we've been struck with -some bad file names!! .. . . . . . .

Pig eye in the sky,
Looking at you-oo-oo
From inside the wink,
Pig eye's a little bit pink,
waiting for you-oo-oo
for suction eye to eye,
when pig eye doesn't see anymore,
Pig emits-
D.N.A. in your eyes, D.N.A. in your eyes, D.N.A. in your eyes...


   You're his own - personal - log flume,
          Someone that poses as your friend,
          But then you get it in the end.
Stan's gavel reaches out from your face!
   You're there for his own - personal - amusement,
          Someone he can harpoon through,
          Your only defense is glue.
Stan's gavel reaches out from your face!
   He's your own - personal - hinderance,
          Someone looking down at you,
          Awaiting a chance to screw.
every little step stan takes,
is on your face!
I need to braise you, I need to braise you like I should.d.d.d.d.d.d.d

030 Motorola 68030 microprocessor used in Amiga computer systems including A2000ís and 3000ís. Often then 030 board was added additionally to the A2000 to speed it up, because it came stock with a 68000 processor. Legend has it, one such board was illegally acquired by one Devin J Calahoon for his own personal use. Mind you that the board itself was illegal, and not the act of stealing it. To this day, if you stumble upon room 244 in building 66 of NYIT campus you will see the 030 etchings from the paint by handcart method.
040 Motorola 68040 microprocessor used in Amiga computer systems including A4000ís and A3000 Towers. Legend has it, one 040 processor ran so hot, that the fan attached to the processor overheated, detached the processor from the motherboard, and flew across the room like a helicopter.
ABO brown (Always bet on brown) The most common of results in any game using colors for possible outcomes, like roulette, ass slapping game, and the brown derby.

Abraham Winking (Abra-hand, Abra) A former president who is known to hang around the likliness of the lord, Stan Silverman and Henry Winkler, and participate in their festivities. Can be acknowledged as a distinguished member of the entourage and GTA. Abra's hand was severed in a horrible accident involving a wink, and Stan's gavel. It's rumered that Abra's hand still walks freely.
absurditree Diagram or flow-chart from a preliminary good book.
accomplished gentleman Someone who has proven his skill in acquiring maximum stature units, and parades his very best trophies around with him at all times. ALSO SEE distinguished  gentleman.
ai to aiff A utility used to convert vector based illustrator images to amiga sound files and back again.
Al Board member of Kaon Interactive known to emit a sound before each sentance strangly resembling a cicada, a baby, Chewy, Popeye, and Pat from Saturday Night Live, and the ghost of scooby doo. Occationally has side projects constantly codenamed "The Al and Patsy project" with co-worker Patsy. Al is sole proprietor of the Kaon fortune.
alto (visto baby) Derives from the conjunction of the words `all` and `too.` It means to have Ďall tooí much.
Anatoly Genius resembling Albert Einstein who was rewarded for his great work in contributing to an everlasting language by being beheaded by the swift sickle. This prodigy spoke such powerfull words that many would hang at his every syllible in anticipation. He preached such things as "by the way..." His words will be forever remembered as scripture.
ass slap game A game played with a large group of people usually on a train where silence is a virtue. The crowd gathers around one person, usually a wink, bent over on all fours with their pants pulled down and another person crouched along side them as the dealer. Bets are placed and the dealer calls "No more bets". He then proceeds in giving the unit a good hearty slap on the wink. A few seconds go by in silence with all eyes in anticipation on the wink as the results develope. The crowd than erupts with the loudest reaction of all various emotions including dismay, joy, and confusion. The results of the wink that can be betted on vary from the spectrum of pink, red, blue, purple, white, and of course brown.
astoria A section of Queens, New York. Also refers to a question of scheduling and status of events. Can be said: `Whatís astoria?`
authorities In the legend of the stolen 030, the Ďauthorities' apprehended the assailant and slapped cuffs on his wrists.
basket A basket usually lined with salt is used to transport souls to hell.
beans Female breasts. Can be said: `As firm as beans can be!`
beard and glasses An apparition of a faceless and bodiless set of beard and glasses that floats around usually hiding in a corner, shadow, reflection, or even seen directly behind someone creeping down their neck. Sometimes the glasses fog up, and a prickly feeling of a beard can be felt on the back of the neck of the victim. This apparition is beleived to be the lord, Stan Silverman traveling around and punishing by means of sinking.

Bill Edmunds (bedmunds) Kaon worker who's job function is still unknown to this day. He can be ackknoledged for at least one contribution to usefullness. He discovered a creative way using his shoe to the floor to replicate the sounds of the ghost of scooby doo calling Patsy's extension at Kaon. He was commended for his efforts but later condemned, committed, and decapitated by the sharp blade of the sickle.
brackish A type of fish that is in a mixture of fresh water and salt water creating a diluted salt water. Also refers to the stature of a unit. A high stature or high maintenance unit would be referred to as a fresh water fish. The poor stature unit would be referred to as a salt water fish, and if the unit was somewhere in the middle, it may be referred to as `Brackish at best.`
brisket A meat. Derivative of basket. SEE basket.
brown derby A restaurant located in MGM Grand at Las Vegas, that entertains itís dinner guests by having two grown men stand naked facing opposite walls, and at a signal run backwards top speed so that their winks collide. Bets are placed of varying outcomes on a grid in the center of the runway. Sometimes an orchestra plays music corresponding to the current actions on the runway.
brown round The final round of entertainment at the Brown Derby. The contestants for the brown round are usually over fed with all kinds of brown food including chocolate pudding, brownies, and chocolate ice cream until they grow up 2 pants sizes and their belt buckles break. They are then force fed laxatives, and left until they feel like bursting. Then an unwelcoming unvolunteer is selected by seat number and spotlight and positioned in blindfold at the center of the runway or impact zone (brown ground zero). If the unvoulnteer ends up to be a child they are given a courtesy wax paper rain hat. The standard betting mat is then removed and replaced with the brown round betting mat that instead of having results such as miss, near miss, graze, full impact, and various colors, the brown round mat just contains a ramp of different shades of brown. Then a stretcher and wheelchair are brought in by BMT workers. Bets are placed, the signal is lit and the entertainment begins.
buckled seats The result of the powerful forces that emits from the unkempt danish of the devil, Kristine Loco.
burg-werger Derivative of cheeseburger.
business The  act of intercourse. Also known as work, service, or sinking. Often said as `Getting down to business` or `The first order of business`.
Busney World An entertainment park dedicated to the theme of a popular children cartoonís characters. Most of the rides have symbolic winks and gavels interacting, for example the merry-go-round has little gavels, winks, and danishes that children sit on as they move up and down. Cartoon Characters like Hen Reewinkler, Termy Hillfinger, and Winston Churchmouse walk around the park, posing in pictures with children.
canister The container that often holds water of any type. More often than not, it contains bad rather than good. A common phrase is `Canister of bad`.
Cathy  Calahoon Believed to be the original devil.
cement gavel A term used to describe the characteristics of Stan's gavel. It was derived from an experience when stan plunged his gavel so hard into a winks mouth that he went right through her teeth, shattering them in the process leaving a horrid mess of shards behind. Also used to refer to the CTO of Kaon Interactive, Josh who often hangs his cement gavel over a modelers shoulder to slow down workflow and make the modeler nervous.
Charles Bohm (Charlie, Charltronics, Bellcharllex, Charllex, Bellex, The Bells, The Belz, Richard Belzer, the bells are chiming, for whom the bells toll, Charles Bellex: inventor of the radar dector) An argumentative dictator who strangely resembles a radar detector and ruled the modeling land of Kaon. At exactly 1700 hours and 00 seconds each day, the boarding tower collapses and the launch sequence commences. After liftoff the radar dector flys uncontrollably around the room and fires off random laser shots at co-workers, walls, furniture, pretty much anything in its path. Eventually he detects the closest exit and evacuates, but if no exit is detected, Bellex has been known to exit by bursting through the nearest window.

Chewy (Chewby) A creature from the Star Wars movies resembling a big foot creature. Emits a certain sound strangely linked with a cicada, a baby, Popeye, Al, the ghost of Scooby-doo, and Pat from Saturday Night Live. Is said to have been designated the fire fighterís very best and sent to rescue the ghost of Scooby-doo who was caught on top of a burning building, shaking and frightened by the flames even though the ghost could have flown away at any point or simply disappeared
chocolate star The symbolic sign left on your forehead, similar to ashes, that symbolize the mark of Henry Winkler. Like Zorro, he usually kisses his victimís foreheads with his dirty wink before leaving the scene of crime.  SEE Star of Henry
cicada A small insect that emits a sound that derived a whole language. Sounds like: `Wuuggugugugugugugug Wuuggugugugugugugug`
cobbler A pie composed of peaches. Also used in the name Lord Cobbler.
coil (coil cake, coil hole, broken coil, broken links) A type of pastry, brown in color, that is a thin tubular shape, coiled up in a knot or stack resembling a snake, but usually broken in several spots or in links. Fecal matter (usually dog).
congradulate A word used to praise oneís work, but used sarcastically. Originates from the ancient devil Stan Silverman of NYIT. He once uttered the word to mock his employees of their spelling error. Pronounced `Congradulations boys!`
connoisseer One who sees much, is an expert judge of stature, and has had much experience in the field.
consume The way that the lordís dog eats your soul, to make a mockery of it for all to see.
chrysler Used in the name Lord Chrysler.
cuffs The shackles placed on the wrists of Devin J Calahoon in the legend of the stolen 030.
danish A type of pastry accompanying donuts. Refers to the female sex organ.
David Hinkley Said to have accompanied Henry Winkler on many performances.
devil The devil could be looked upon as many different people. Some common examples are: Howard J. Shorts, Cathy Calahoon, Kristine Loco, Stan SilvermanÖ Most of the time souls are sent to the devil from the lord directly with no stops. Often, souls are traded for stock options.
dip SEE sink and dunk(can involve a wine glass)
Dirk Wiggler A porn star related to Henry Winkler who is known for his expertise in dirty winks.
dirtwater A type of fish that in the family of salt, but contains more dirt than salt. Refers to the stature of a unit. A dirty unit may be said to be a `Dirtwater fish`
dirty Thursdays The night designated by the workers of Kaon Interactive to visit the local watering hole and get piggly with it. Usually this celebration is escalated to a frenzy on the thirtieth dirty thursday of the year pronounced "Thirty Dirty Thursdays"
dirty wink The winking of an anal cavity, or the anus itself. This is popular with Dirk Wiggler and Henry Winkler. SEE wink
disabled To turn something off. Making something unusable. Originates from the 3D software Lightwave 3D.
disc a 3D cylinder that is placed in any object to mask out errors and save hours of work to model an object the correct way. This process is usually refered to as to "Slip a Disc", and is practiced by the likliness of the Jowls.
dishwater A type of fish in the family of salt, but contains more residual remnants of food and waste from dishes washed in water than salt. Refers to the stature of a unit. A skuzzy unit may be said to be a `Dishwater fish`
distinguished gentleman Someone who has proven his skill in acquiring maximum stature units, and parades his very best trophies around with him at all times. ALSO SEE accomplished gentleman.
Don A bloated worker at the ACL computer labs of NYIT. He often uses the voice of Ren (Ren & Stimpy television cartoon) to converse. The stench that resides in the room when he leaves has a half-life of a million years.
donut A type of pastry accompanying danishes. Refers to the dirty wink.
dunk similar to dip, but usually involves a much bigger sloppier, or torn open wink. Usually when dunking glaze is sloshed all over the place. Also the gavel is usually dunked in arbitrarily on angles and sometimes completely sideways, as opposed to the straight, tight dipping or sinking motion. 
Ed McCrackin The president of SGI. Upon meeting with workers of NYITís ACL secret computer laboratory, it is said he once shook hands with 2 workers so convulsively, that he ripped their arms from their very sockets.
elegant hen cabinets Cabinets created for housing hens in a more classy style as opposed to the traditional hen house. These cabinets are hand painted with murals and portraits, lined with 14k gold, and most of the surface is diamond studded. Unfortunately after installation and use, most of the surface is also lined with hen excrement as well. The designers engineered a sophisticated network of flaps and tubes to route and collect eggs without the need for human interaction, but unfortunately these trap doors and hinges usually become so crusted hard and solidified with hen feces that they become useless within the initial few hours of the cabinets installation.
enabled To turn something on. Making something usable. Originates from the 3D software Lightwave 3D.
end of daze The term that describes the end result of  trying to absorb the sight of a fine wink of a high maintenance unit, only to be extinguished by the dirty looks of the one who is speaking for her. (end of gays)
entourage The large group of people that accompany Stan Silverman in his travels around the world in the name of forceful sinking. The group usually takes part in the festivities in a particular order after stan finishes up. The victim usually is so tramatized by Stan's performance that by the time the rest of the entourage begins the victim is only semi conscious. The entourage consists of William Shatner, Henry Winkler, Dirk Wiggler, Winstance Churchill III/2, David Hinkley, George Pataki, Abraham Winking, Sherman Helmsley, Rip Van Winkler, King Albert, the mule, Hen Reewinkler, the dancing cat with wooden shoes, and last Franklin. The cat is the only one of the entourage that doesn't take part in the sinking, but instead dances faster during said activities and never stops under any circumstances except for only one time ever. It was once during one of Stan's busnyss trips to Germany. As he was walking down a sidewalk with his entourage closely following, a german tourist (in germany) bumped right in to Stan. When Stan didn't excuse himself, the tourist was outraged and firmly said to stan directly up in his face, "You don't scare me with you beard und you glasses!" This closeness to Stan fogged his glasses. Stan's only response was a tilt of his head, and the whole entourage knew what was in store for the tourist and gasped and then even the cat stopped dancing for a second. Franklin came forward and tried to warn the tourist, but was hushed by the rest of the entourage. The tourist awoke to find himself in a full body cast with only a breathing hole by his mouth. A policeman asked him what happened and his only response was "Beard und Glasses!" muzzled through his breathe hole. 
exhume To dig up a soul once again, usually for reasons of consumption by the lordís dog.
fax A machine devised to send electronic facsimiles or electronic reproductions of scanned papers to another machine via phone lines. Also used to send souls to the lord and the devil. It is a known fact that the lordís fax machine is in a constant state of needing toner.
few more, few less A young unit who has a few too less years of her life, and will end up giving you a few more years in jail.
fighting gavels A breed of animal rare in form and found scarcely on the planet with eyes on the back of its head and shaped suspisously like a gavel. These creatures are usually found in pairs and beat up and bleeding from constant fights. When two of these creatures meet they turn around to see each other, than turn around again toward each other and crash into each other repetitively.

find To acquire a unit by any means possible. Usually the lord keeps strict watch to make sure one doesnít find, but extremely rarely one could slip by, and then you must be alert at all times, because the lordís vengeance is excruciating. It can be said `You need to find, and find alike.`
fish An animal residing in many types of waters. Also refers to a unit or wink of many different statures. Usually the type of water proceeds the fish. For Example: `That was a dishwater fish.`
flask A small metal bottle usually filled with some sort of liquid like water, small enough to fit by your side. It is often filled with the waters of Lake Heuron. It is said: `Keep a flask of water by your side at all times.`
fool SEE fuel
forsake (forsaken) A game by Acclaim Entertainment. Also, one who has offended the lord in some sort of manner. The lord then forgets this person and ignores him. Once your on this level, at any time, a small offense could prompt the lord to send your soul to the devil which leads to the scorning period. Sometimes there is a process preceding the forsaken title called the forewarning. It is when a person is warned by another that the lord is debating forsaking you. But sometimes, at the lordís will, you can be forescorned after or even before the forewarning which means your soul is sent straight to the devil without any forsaking. This is only done when the lord is extremely offended.
forescorn The process in which one offends the lord to the point that he sends that personís soul straight to the devil, without forsaking first. It is only done rarely when the lord reaches climaxes of anger.
forewarn An act of warning another about the lordís anger and undecided punishment for that person due to an act of offense toward the lord. The person can then either redeem their soul, or be forsaken by the lord or even forescorned in the worst fate.
formaldehyde A unit from Turkey who once did work with Devin J. Calahoon.
fourth of July Used to refer to the velocity of a spinning object, usually a gavel, resembling a pinwheel firework lit on the fourth of july. Can be added to a sentance as 'like it was the fourth of july', or even 'like the fourth of july', and even just 'fourth of july' alone. Can be said "He came into the room rustling up units like it was the fourth of july." SEE ALSO pinwheel party
Franklin (Franklin Delino) A former president who fell in to a bad crowd by joining Stan's entourage. He still retains a few morsels of decensy and sometimes objects to some of the pastimes of the rest of the entourage and tries to warn their victims, but is always hushed and pushed aside. He is usually treated worse by co-members than the animal members of the entourage, and is always last in order of sinking the victim.
freshwater A type of fish that resides in clean water containing no salt. Refers to the stature of a unit. A high stature or high maintenance unit may be said to be a `Freshwater fish`
fuel (feulish) A person who is incompetent. Unwise or careless in decisions. It may be used in: `He felt quite feulish after that comment.`
fumigation To release deadly fumes in to the air from the dirty wink.
gavel A wooden mallet similar to a hammer that a judge swings and slams down on the desktop gavel base or sound block. Also used by CEOís and presidents of massive companies for formality purposes in board meetings. Itís usually accompanied by wearing a wig and black robe. It is legend that when the apocalypse arrives, to be saved by the lord you must be wearing your very best wig and gavel. Also refers to the male sex organ. ALSO SEE watering can.
geiser Used in the name Lord Geiser.
Geoff (Jiles of 3Dstudio) The eccentric modeler of Kaon that models substandard models and skips hours of work to make a correct model. Even if the model comes out halfway decent, he applies a jitter effect to all the points in the model to give it a good range of error and inacuracy. He can be compared to Jowls, but is usually awake when modeling.

George Lucas A director who is sole proprietor of Industrial Light and Magic, and exercises his right to scrutinize prospect employees from his perspective which is between his giant muddy boots, filthy from stomping around Jurassic Park, set down on the table dangerously close to your demo reel.
german shiester film (GSF)A home movie in which the main character positions his wink above the supporting characterís mouth and releases fecal matter that the supporting character digests.
Gerri A worker at the ACL computer labs of NYIT. She once turned sour, and remained that way for ever after.
geyser A hole in the ground that emits water periodically. Also used in the name Lord Geyser.
ghost of Scooby-doo An apparition from the cartoon Scooby-doo. Emits a certain sound strangely linked with a cicada, a baby, Chewy, Al, Popeye, and Pat from Saturday Night Live. Is said to have been caught on top of a burning building, shaking and frightened by the flames. The fire fighters had decided to send up Chewy, their very best for the rescue, even though the ghost could have flown away at any point or simply disappeared.
give up The process of becoming so frustrated from rejections from units, and become so lonely from lack of units, that one starts to go the other way and search for gavels and watering cans.
glass table associates (GTA) Comittee of board members assembled solely for the purposes of hindrance toward individuals in search of wink and happiness. The Chairman of the board is the lord, Stan Silverman and his whole entourage including William Shatner, Henry Winkler, Dirk Wiggler, Winstance Churchill III/2, David Hinkley, George Pataki, Abraham Winking, Sherman Helmsley, Rip Van Winkler, King Albert, the mule, Hen Reewinkler, the dancing cat with wooden shoes, and last Franklin. The comittee meets around a glass table high above the surface of the planet looking down at every motion the selected individuals for hindrance make. Sometimes the table gets cluttered with papers, blueprints, spills, stains, and dust making it hard to see whats happeneing below rarely resulting in the victims aquiring a wink. In these extreme cases of luck the GTA custodian is called to windex the table for extra clarity. Board members construct complex long term ideas of hindrance and pain and suffering for the victims and present these to the chairman who makes the final desicion.
glaze the sherbert that coats a gavel when sinking. It's always a goal to keep a constant glaze happening. A distiguished gentleman never lets the glaze dry. Can be said "get a good glaze going" or "get your glaze on!"
goblin A creature derived mainly from Dungeons & Dragons that battles humans often. Usually wears a wig of some sort.
good show An exclamation shouted when a spectacular event happens. Usually used when a crowd gathers and lays down on the floor for the air show that begins with the launching of Bellex and sometimes sequentially the launching of Bilkins. Sometimes the show can be lenghtly when the two get into a dog fight and try to shoot each other down with lasers. Usually the surrounding area is wreathed with battle damage in the aftermath. Almost always Bellex takes a couple pot shots at the spectators on his exit.
Gregg (jowls) A poor soul weighing a metric ton with constant medical equipment at his side including EKG and IV units with an everlasting frown frozen into his face. His frown is so extreme that he has a hard time changing his face at all. Even to make a greeting gesture with his face it takes the utmost of effort and lasts fractions of a second. He has a mirror installed at his desk reflecting his large low jowls for all to see. Usually the only sounds emitted from his person is the constant beeping of his heart rate monitor. During a meeting jowls had something to say and the whole meeting came to a screaching halt to make silence for him to utter out his mumbles before his heart stopped and a constant tone would be heard. The vice president had to scream out "Everybody quiet, Jowls has something to say!" to save his energy level so he doesnt die if he was to raise his voice. His face usually lays flat on the keyboard and his jowls push the keys to model an object.

half man, half hen During World War II, Stan Silverman performed many cruel and unusual experiments of questionable nature. Most of these experiments involved surgery and grafting operations to create a number of different abominations including his famous ďhuman prawnsĒ. One of said is widely know as the half man, half hen. Contrary to logical reasoning, Stan didn't use the beneficial parts of each patient to create some sort of flying man, but instead he destroyed all results similar to that, and kept his prize result of the half man, half hen in which he was trying to achieve. His successful result was a hen's head grafted to a male human body. His goal was to have a man with an intelligence level lower than mentally challenged humans that walked around naked, aimlessly searching for crumbs, with useless arms that flailed and flopped around uncontrollably and fingers that couldn't articulate anything because the hen was only used to having wings. Some of it's predecessors were fully human with a hen brain implanted into the human skull. Those patients were considered a success by Stan, but did not have long life spans because of their instinct to peck the ground for crumbs and without beaks, their faces impacted the ground effectively cracking their skulls open.
HAM-E An image file format containing 256,000 colors used in amiga computer systems.
handcart An instrument in painting wall designs. Was used by workers in NYITís secret ACL computer laboratories to etch inscriptions into the walls like hieroglyphics. Inscriptions usually contained messages relating to the legend of the stolen 030 and the flying 040. To this day, if you stumble upon room 244 in building 66 of NYIT campus you will see the 030 etchings from the paint by handcart method.
hatchet A tool used to split an ass. Resembles a hammer but has a sharp blade instead of a hammer head. Though, more often than not, the blunt end is used.
hearty A good portion. Usually refers to looking at something, eating something or getting slapped. Is used in: `Lets take your brain, spread it across the table, and take a good hearty look at it.`
Hen Reewinkler A childrenís cartoon character who resembles a hen wearing a leather jacket, and uses his beak to peck at dirty winks. Is best friends with the other childrenís cartoon characters: Winston Churchmouse and Termy Hillfinger.
Henry Winkler An actor who is known for his expertise in dirty winks. His name alone could be used to refer to a dirty wink. He usually performs before large crowds or in the presence/presents of the lord. He always performs with only his leather jacket upon arriving on his motorcycle.
hide Used to refer to the process of making something unseen, or hiding from the lord. Originates from the 3D software Lightwave 3D. Is said: `Hide all faces.`
hors díoeuvres A set of small appetizers usually placed on a platter and served at large functions. Sometimes, at certain massive companies these are placed on tables to coax workers, but forbidden to be eaten.
how much? A question asked when a unit is spotted in public, who is clearly a prostitute.
Howard J. Shorts (Howard J. Spider) A former worker of NYITís ACL secret computer laboratories. It is said that he could be the devil. He has a talent for convincing anyone what he wants them to believe. He reached heights in robbery and fallacies to get to the stature he is today. Legend has it he had intercourse with the famous Kiki Stockhammer of Newtekís Video Toaster.

howiedothat An inquiry toward the method Howard J. Shorts uses to finagle things and con people.
hubris Unknown meaning.
illegal An object that is against the law. Usually involves the stealing of an 030 board, but could pertain to anything stolen. Mind you that object itself is illegal and not the act of stealing it.
instance An example, copy of, or replica of something.
Jeff (Sickle) Kaon big wig paid heavily to make an appearance for a few minutes a day to continue personal phone conversations on his way to and from the snack dispenser in a continuous circle. His commitment to the snack dispenser was to the utmost, and the time it took him to sit back down and get up diminished to only fractions of a second until it became a continuous motion like a squat. So he only saw one answer to all his problems, to remove his chair and install a snack dispenser in his office, which of course led him to make distant travels to other snack dispensers further away. After his hard days work of collecting snacks and catching up with all his personal calls he would begin his exit process which would consist of the following: powering up the amplifier and speakers, positioning the microphone up against his briefcase and attaching it to his zipper pull hadle so that the microphone rides down the whole length of the zipper, and turning the volume knob to a quarter turn past max. He then proceeded in the zipper process which invloved unzipping his briefcase placing an item in and zipping it shut, then unzipping and placing the next item in and so on for about 15 items. After the tedious and important zipping process comes to an end, it's time to begin the key process. The microphone is repositioned so as to hang from his key chain like one of the keys. The key chain is then hung in the air like a wind chime and the closest window is opened. This part of the process lasts about 5 minutes giving Jeff just enough time to make another run to the distant snack machine so he has one for the road. Then the keys are dropped from ceiling height to his desktop, not once but in a cycle until it bounces perfectly off his desk into his briefcase, which of course is unzippered even once more. Finally the exiting process ends and he exits to his car which has been kept warm running since he arrived 20 minutes prior. Occationally he is called upon for his expertise in decapitation and severing of bodily limbs of departing co-workers after his own salary consumes theirs. His sickle is kept on a rack that indefinitely sharpens the blade until it is used. In some rare occations Jeff has been known to get bored with his beheadings and ad some humer into the mix. He would have the employee sit down in his office as if it was a standard meeting, but the sickle would be leaning precariously against his desk, making the employee leary. Then at the perfect moment he would kick the desk so the sickle would decapitate the victim as he's in mid sentance and maintaining eye contact so the the element of surprise was maximized.

jocile To shake abruptly. Sometimes that 040 board had to be jociled in order for it to work.
John Racine (Fingers Racine) Kaon worker who's job was to take anothers hard work and put his 2 cents in by reducing full color texture maps to virtually black and white and cluttering up screen space with half baked icons. Mind you he is doing all this mouse clicking with a hand full of blindingly bright white fingernails making you feel you looked in to the sun, and leaving you with a burned in ghost of fingernails long after you look away. John also suffers from a rare mental disorder that makes him a genius when it comes to information about anything, but he can't extract a morsal of it from his head when queried about anything. But at least he knows he still knows it all.

Josh (cement gavel) Kaon big wig paid heavily to program half baked software and command the Kaon enterprise. Al is sole proprietor of the Kaon fortune, but Josh is sole proprietor of Al. Josh's salary continues to grow into a massive entity by consuming every employee's salary weather they are fired or even still working there. He is known to sit up against the back of Kaon modelers with his glasses pressed against the back of their necks and hang is massive cement gavel over their shoulders, encumbering their ability to model anything efficiently. Josh has been known to place wagers and play games with other Kaon big wigs such as Bilkens and Al to see who can consume the most salaries and who can absorb all the Kaon fortune and residual investment money first. Josh seems to be in the lead.
kaiser A type of bun or roll. Usually a bunch of kaiser rolls are tossed in a bucket and submerged with water during festive Halloween parties. People then bob their heads in the water and bite the kaiser rolls out of the water without using their hands. Also is used in the names: Lord Kaiser, Kaiser Sose, Kaiser Say So
Kristine Loco Believed to be the devil.
keebler Used in keebler elves and the name Lord Keebler.
keebler elves Little troublesome noems that come out at night per Stan's request in the name of hindrance. They usually pull antics in your home to deter any wink from any work including such pranks as leaving brown around your home to disgust anyone, or leaving shankers or shiners on you to repell any wink from you. But one thing that is always a given is that when "the keebler elves are coming for you", you better brace yourself. The keebler elves always end up coming in you.
keep To continue having something for a length of time. Usually refers to water remaining by your side at all times. Could also refer to the importance of having order in an activity and is said: `Keep order!` which derives from the movie `Titanic` Also could mean a literal noun of Ďkeeping orderí and said: `For keepís sake`
kempt Something that is kept clean ,tidy and sanitary. Usually refers to the hygiene or status of a danish or danish wigs.
kilter When something sits atop of another thing a bit crooked. This usually aplies to the way Patsy's wig sits on her head. In Patsy's case her wig's normal is always exactly perpendicular to the earths surface, but her head is tilted aproximately 45 degrees in any orientation. The wig just pivots around her moving head to stay still. It can be said "Her wig is just a little off kilter"
kind sir A person who is good natured.
King Albert An emperor who rules his mighty fortress in Las Vegas. The guest quarters are marginally humane, and the lodging includes a watershow spectacular provided by his trusty mule. King Albert is overweight and hairy wearing a sweaty pink robe with slippers, a burger king crown, and usually smokes a messy cigar. He often cleans the rooms himself, with some help of his mule who occasionally leaves gifts behind.
Lake Cured The lake that cures. SEE Lake Heuron.
Lake Heuron The legendary Mesopotamia where all life began and where all life will seize. The waters of Lake Heuron are said to be holier than holy water itself. It is believed that only the waters of Lake Heuron can cleanse your soul of itís doom brought on by salt. From the beginning of mankind, it is recorded that people from far and wide would gravitate toward Lake Heron to dowse themselves in the waters and cleanse their souls. It is also believed that on the apocalypse, all who want to be saved must be present at the shores of Lake Heuron. Water from Lake Heuron is usually kept close to the sides of many by use of flasks, pails, watering cans, and canisters.
leheurd Derivative of lord. SEE lord.
lord The ultimate judge who often appears in wig and gavel, and has quite a bad temper. Many believe the lord and the devil are one. The lord has no tolerance for souls who try to out work him. The lord is often distracted of his attention on you long enough for you to come close to scoring, but eventually he always spins his head around and picks up on it, and the consequences are unbearable.  Believed to look like Stan Silverman, with an unkempt beard, glasses, and bad complexion.
lord savior `The one` who will supposedly save all from the raft of the lord.
lordís victim The arbitrary person the lord picks to attack and sink his gavel into their wink. Usually this is done in a series of consecutive multiple attacks in a fashion of a row, like dominos, for reasons of transporting himself across a room for example, and done while he is invisible so that it appears by bystanders that the victim is suffering a seizure. Under certain circumstances, the lord can not enter rooms in this fashion unless invited, which he tactfully tricks victims into.
maintenance The amount of work that has to be done to keep something running well. Refers to the quality of a unit, and the amount of work or business that has to be accomplished to keep the unit at oneís side. Many times a maintenance support contract has to be issued and the status is usually `unsure.` May be said: `That unit is high maintenance.`
Manesia (Manure)(Manoooooor) Evil dictator of Kaon who had the whole empire under her disfigured finger. She was once persecuted and punished for a robbery by having her finger chopped off. It was later reatached, but to her foot, and a corresponding toe was attached to her hand. She was left no choice but to purchase open toe gloves and open finger shoes. She is often portrayed as a dirty pitchfork pearcing a giant pile of manure.

mule The pet of King Albert of Las Vegas. This creature would put on a watershow spectacular for guests by peeing into the air to heights that match only your imagination.
murial A unit who almost gave wink to Devin J. Calahoon before dying, in all relative respect, shortly there after. It was referred to as: `The burial of murial`
mustard (mustard spray) A condiment used on hamburgers and hotdogs. Also refers to reproductive fluids. Can be said: `I need your mustard.`
need To require something as opposed to just wanting it. Usually refers to the need for units, service, mustard or fish. A person who is needy is one who hasnít had mustard or fish in some time. Can be said: `I have needs too, you know.` or `For godís sake, Iím needy.`
New Ordeals Stacking more difficulty on the rustling of units.
Newton 3D animated genie used in mitsubishothirty commercials. SEE Newyorbishothirty
Newyorbishothirty Two separate commercials containing the same 3D animation of a genie, Newton, speaking with the lip-sync off for both messages. It is believed the lips synced up with a message from the devil in a GSF.
ordain Blessed by the lord or a high priest, and certified to be high stature.
ordeal The act of going on in your daily life trying rustle up units of any sort.
order (ordeur) Something that is run calmly, smoothly, and cleanly. No abrupt behavior. Is said: `Keep order!` or `The first order of business.` or `Get your voicebox in working order!`
ordinal Numbers that are in order. Fully working.
Ordinal OíConner High Priest who ordains otherís statures. Is an expert in sinking wink.
ordinance A work contract set up for a company to employ a person. Also refers to the confirmation for intercourse. One must have a work ordinance before starting any work.
Osama Evil Terrorist known to be at the helm of destruction. He was been seen on many occations fleeing the scene directly prior to a massive disaster. His workplace is usually cluttered with various forms of pioson, explosives, detonators, blueprints, flight manuals, maps, and schedules.

pail A bucket used to transport any type of water. Is usually kept at oneís side.
Pat A character from Saturday Night Live that is so sexually ambiguous in speech and appearance, that others constantly confuse Patís gender. Emits a certain sound at the end of sentences strangely linked with a cicada, a baby, Chewy, Al, the ghost of Scooby-doo, and Popeye.
patch In 3d, a group of nurb splines. Also the hair above a danish.
Patsy A flustered Kaon employee who tries to pass off as a half baked photographer. Like an artist she tries to leave her signiture in all her images, but in her case it's usually the half cocked off kilter perspective and fisheyed effect from the closeness of the camera or even a bit of motion blur for extra measure, and most distinctly a reflection of herself must reside in every photo, sometimes even smiling and waving. A wig seems to sit upon her head always a bit off kilter, but in reality the wig is perfectly straight and her head is half cocked to add to her confused demenior. She is usually plagued with cuts and bruises about her head which seems to attract beatings like a magnet. A clone of Patsy was developed entirely in cyberspace in which a "Virtual Patsy" walks around the screen just as flustered as the real one, programmed to act exactly like Patsy and capture virtual images at maximum distortion exactly like the real Patsy, with off kilter wig and all. Patsy usually waits until the whole company is present in a meeting and turns sour upon certain individuals. During these meetings she often waits until about 3/4 of the way through and asks what the meeting is about again in her normal flustered way. Patsy has also developed new and cutting edge ways of renaming files in the most time consuming methods possible with an error rate of only .5 She has multilpe programmers working on advanced renaming utilities code named "Rename Studio MAX LE" with multiple undos and rename history as well as rename layers. At first Patsy was upset to hear that some functionality may not be possible by one of the programmers Osama. She said "Undo?" He said "No undo!" Fortunately for her, she discovered he wasn't talking about the undo feature in Rename studio MAX LE, instead he was talking about his work in his latest project finished in downtown Manhattan on September 11, 2001 code-named "No Undo".

Pearl Harbor Harbor in Hawii bombed by Japanese during WWII. Often said `Remember Pearl Harbor!` to an American unit who has chosen a japanese boyfriend. Has broadened as far as to mean a black boyfriend as well.
pecking order the order in which two hens peck at a wink. There is a very distinct pattern in which this is done, but the patterns outcome range is indefinite similar to pie. Occationally the hens go at the same time and collide beaks or have near misses, and sometimes even go sequentially within a fraction of a second and hit one another in the back of the neck.
pinwheel party A gathering composed of a limited wink and a large gathering of gavel sinking each wink. Usually as the gavels are swung like the fourth of July, much glaze is slung around the room and even on one another.
plywood sheets of wood composed of multiple layers of chipped wood glued together in opposing grain. Plywood is used in many aspects including shoes and commodities. It can be said "Strap on your best plywood shoes and go out dancing!". It has also been said "Invest in plywood for your children's future."

po-boys A sub or hero sandwich from New Orleans that contains shrimp or oysters. Also is substituted for `hello boys!` or `boys!` at the end of sentences. Relates back to a time in which a couple invited guests over their apartment and offered free wink from the girlfriend. But as the guests were in mid-sinking, the girl emerged from the kitchen to offer sandwiches to the guests saying `Po-Boys! Half oysters of half shrimp?` (even though you get both halves either way) The guests then looked down, and were alarmed and horrified to find the boyfriend snuck between them getting sunk. 
Popeye A cartoon sailor man. Emits a certain laugh sound strangely linked with a cicada, a baby, Chewy, Al, the ghost of Scooby-doo, and Pat from Saturday Night Live.
powder Flakes of white substance usually put on a wig. It is imperative to keep a wig powdered. The explanation of why is unsure. Sometime kept in an unmarked envelope or addressed to William Gates III, but always overpacked and almost round and not sealed properly, leaking out of the sides. It's use is best when accompanying one to demanding to see a CEO and barging into his office. The envelope can be used as a threat to meet demands otherwise a hearty clap to the envelope will surely coat yourself as well as anything in the near visinity, but mosty yourself. This powder is sometimes known as anthrax
present Clear and accounted for. Obvious to all. Also refers to a female sexual organ. Can be said: `You must keep it clear and present!` or `She revealed her presents`
pristine A unit of the highest stature physically possible. Usually with a danish and wink so tight, no gavel could ever fit in, but well worth trying.
PTWA pre-teen wink action. forbidden sinking.
pudding fairy A fairy that visits at night to deliver what looks to be warm chocolate pudding to an anticipating victim. A bowl is usually left out to be filled, but the pudding fairy has very bad aim and bends over and always misses usually coating the victims head and face. Can be said "Oh puding fairy, your the onez, you always leave my bowl so clean!"
remotely logged A tiny beard and glasses icon that shows up in the bottom right windows tray when Stan Silverman remotely logs on to your computer. He usually monitors your work and inserts any kind of hindrance he deems necessary.
reversal of fortune The process of losing all wealth at the same rate it was gained, leaving you a pauper.
resedimentation To revive a victim by either putting your mouth to their wink, or your wink to their mouth. Can be said: `He had to give him mouth to wink resedimentation!`
Rich (Bilkins) CEO of Kaon Interactive and head bilker of all the company's funds. His main job function is to administor the ratio of salaries for the employees and make sure that everyone is at a slow constant drop while selected board members including himself absorb that difference into their own salaries. And most importantly, the modelers must always be kept at the lowest salaries of the whole company below even secretaries and interns. Sometimes during board meetings about the salary project, a good hearty chuckle can be heard from outside the room when the topic of the modeler's salaries arises.
Rip Torn See Rip Van Winkler
Rip Van Winkler A character from a fairy tale that had a horrible accident with his dirty wink and became a member of the entourage.
said A word that is used to refer to the same object or phrase that is stated earlier in a statement. Is used to avoid reiteration. Is used in: `Lake Heuron contains holy water. Keep a flask by your side containing said waters.`
salt The white granular condiment contained in a shaker. Also, the most deadliest substance to a soul. It makes a soul shrivel and dry out. Both the lord and the devil use salt to control souls and keep them from uprising. Salt can line a salt basket, be mixed in water to form brackish or salt water, taint a fish and turn it into a salt water fish, be sent in a salt shaker for easy sprinkling, or consist in solid form as a salt lick.
scorn  (scorned beef)(scorn on the cob)(Scorny Weaver) The process in which the lord sends your soul to the devil. This is done normally after the forsaken process. When it is done before the forsaken process, it is known as forescorning. The soul is usually faxed to the devil first, then sent in a salt basket via Fed Ex, and a salt shaker is sent in separate packaging.
scurvy A rare disease associated with work and linked with sedentary.
sears Derivative of seers. SEE seer.
sedentary The act of being still or sitting. Also a rare disease associated with work and linked with scurvy.
seer One who sees much. An onlooker who is very observant. Is usually said to be `Seer or all.`
seervice Derivative of service. SEE service.
self-aware When something realizes itís own existence. Usually refers to microprocessors.
self-control When something keeps stable on itís own. Usually this attribute is hard to achieve. It can be said: `Self control is a virtue!`
Semour Wigs Fellow entourage member who has had more than his fair share in sinking wink, and seen more danish wigs than anyone alive.
sender When something is shipped in mail, the outgoing party is known as the sender. Sometimes when the package does not reach itís destination or it refused, it is returned to sender.
Seoul The capital of Korea. Legend has it that all souls originate from Seoul before reaching Lake Heuron and becoming man kind.
serb (serbian)[serbian nights]One who is from Serbia and searches for Lake Heuron.
sermon A lecture given by a high priest, relating all about units and acquisitions of said wink.
serpent A creature that has been damned by god, because of reasons of distraction on penetration, to be soul slithering around and attaching to unit legs like a snake or wet towel for eternity.
serum An antidote. Also refers to mustard.
service The act of intercourse. Also known as work, business, or sinking. Often used in: `I need to stop by a service station.` or `I need some emergency service.`
seuropean One who has accomplished a variety of wink in the European countries.
seven The number one more than six and one less than eight. Itís importance is linked to ancient religious beliefs that the lord is constantly penetrating seven units.
shanker A sore that usually developes sometime after stan finishes up all over you. It usually infests your gavel and could move all the way up to your face. SEE ALSO shiner.
Shanley (Shanley's list) A nickname stan uses for himself when he is in litigation. Because Shanley is indited for rape charges every calandar day of the year, he has created the term for the process of 'indition'. It makes headlines when Shanley ISN'T indited. Shanley also has a list of the people that he hinders, but there are only two names on it. 
sheister Is used in the name Lord Sheister. Lord Sheister is believed to actually be Howard J. Shorts.
Sherman Helmsley Believed to be in cahoots with Henry Winkler.
sherbert Similar to ice cream. Also refers to reproductive fluid. Can be said: `He had sherbert all over his face`
sherpa One who leads others to wink. A guide who has experience and expertise in units, like a connoisseer.
shiner A sore that usually developes sometime after stan finishes up all over you. It usually infests your gavel and could move all the way up to your face. SEE ALSO shanker.
shoebert A strange little creature strangely resembling a shoe or boot. Derived from an 1980's videogame 'Q-Bert', this boot hops around but in a much more chaotic pattern then Q-Bert. The police often bring shoebert along to the crimescene of a murder to help sniff out clues, but usually all shoebert does as soon as he is unleashed from his cage is knock over furniture, break and dirty up evidence, and step on and kick the body as well as any surrounding officers in the vicinity. If blood is involved with the murder, shoebert undoubtably will leave bloddy footsteps around the crimescene. Shoebert usually ends up kicking the officers in the ass or nuts repetatively pivoting on an unseen knee.
shoehorn A tool used to forcefully cram apart two ribs to remove a heart. Also used to describe how stan sinks his gavel into you and other cramming applications. Can be said "He shoehorned himself into the crowd" or "He had to shoehorn his gavel into the pristine wink.".
show Used to refer to the process of making something seen, or not hiding from the lord. Originates from the 3D software Lightwave 3D. Is said: `Show all faces.`
side Next to or attached to one. In a pocket. It is where things are kept such as water containers, wigs, gavels... It is usually said: `Keep a flask of water by your side.`
sink To submerse something, or make something disappear into the depths of something. Usually refers to the submersal of a gavel into a danish or wink. Intercourse. Also known as work, service, or business. This is a common chore of Henry Winkler.
sir A respected man. Also could refer to a seer.
SIRE RECORDS The company that interviewed Howard J. Shorts and almost hired him on the spot, except the fact he then chose to rather be referred to the vice president of TIME-WARNER instead.
skullular phone A wireless phone that is used when skull-fucking.
soiled (out) Contaminated or stained. Also refers to the end of acceptance to an event due to overpopulation.
solstice The exact center of a season. Usually used specifically for winter. The winter solstice is exactly when the lord takes the most souls.
soul (winter-soulless)(soul-mate) Oneís existence. The mind of the body. Physically it appears to be a damp towel, but it contains your whole personality within. In order for oneís soul to remain working, it must be damp and clean. The lord purposely applies salt to souls for punishment and transport means. Salt can dry out a soul to the point that it could disintegrate. Usually once separated from the body, a soul slithers around trying to attach to units legs. This is known as soul-mating. Sometimes the lord mocks souls by letting his dog pee on a soul or worse yet, letting the dog consume the soul and defecating it for all to see.
sour When someone suddenly turns from happy to agile and bothered. Could be related to anxiety, anger, or dismay.
spew To emit fluid.
spider The bug that has the face of Howard J. Shorts. Sometimes called Howard J. Spider. Legend says that a spider once crawled up the wall in NYITís secret ACL computer lab, and spied at workers from side to side behind a picture.
split To separate into two. Usually refers to busting an ass in two with the blunt end of a hatchet.
Star of Henry The symbolic sign left on your forehead, similar to ashes, that symbolize the mark of Henry Winkler. Like Zorro, he usually kisses his victimís foreheads with his dirty wink before leaving the scene of crime.  SEE chocolate star
stature The quality rating of something. Usually refers to a unit or fish. Something high stature is usually high maintenance.
Stan Silverman Chairman of NYITís ACL department, also chairman of the GTA and head and most esteemed member of the entourage. Would mistreat and mock his own employees. He has a most unkempt beard matted down with grime and food and a pair of glasses as thick and dirty as the beach glass out of a dirty pond. Stan travels by his plane across the country back and fourth in the name of hindering. He also makes many busyness trips around the world with his entourage for sinking purposes. Beleived to have a ghostly counterpart beard and glasses that floats around and attacks victims by appearing behind them and brutally violating them. Stan is also believed to be a devil and the lord.

A young normal Stan in 2001

An aged, weathered Stan 2 years later
from all the stress of hindering coast to coast.

stink Bad smell. Also refers to the awful odor that emits from some danish of a dirtwater or dishwater fish. Can also mean a whole fish itself, of any stature.
Termy Hillfinger A childrenís cartoon character who resembles a termite with an enlarged finger that he pokes and prods dirty winks with. Is best friends with the other childrenís cartoon characters: Winston Churchmouse and Hen Reewinkler.
time track studio MAX Application used keep track of hours on particular projects at Kaon Interactive. The application has a complexity level of 10 and has many menus and plugins to warp and bend time.
toaster Newtekís Video Toaster system. Used to put special effects into video and editing. Usually pronounced: `Oh Toaster!`
TWA teen wink action. Usually associated with teen flight attendants dealing with sinking gavels.
twice baked A unit whoís danish and donut has been watered.
twice blessed Something that has been deemed worthy by the lord and ordained by a minister or Henry Winkler to be high stature. Usually refers to a unit.
two One more than one, one less than three. This number is very significant when referring to any numerical value, especially time in weeks. In fact, similar in concept to roman numerals, every number is a derivative of two. Is said: `Half of two weeks`
unit (unitary) An exceptional specimen of the female human. Also referred to as a fish or wink.
unkempt Something that is not kept clean, tidy, and sanitary. Attributes that may have gone out of control. Usually refers to the hygiene of a danish or a danish wig.
unsaid Itís what is not said during a conversation, but understood by only the two conversing parties. Usually in complete contradictory to what is being said, and usually refers to intercourse. Often used in: `Itís whatís unsaid that counts!`
unsinkable A unit of such highest or pristine stature, that it is physically impossible to even fit a gavel into such tight danish or wink. Sometimes the unit knows well of her status and makes it impossible for anyone other than distinguished or accomplished gentlemen to sink, leaving you thinking it is unthinkable.
unstinkable A unit of such highest or pristine stature, that it is physically impossible for there to be a stink emitted from the danish.
unsure The usual response to any inquiry of having a maintenance support contract.
unwelcomed One who is not appreciated. Is usually used in a greeting. Pronounced: `Hello, unwelcomed!`
want To like to have something as opposed to needing it. Usually refers to the want for units, service, mustard or fish. Can be said: `I have needs, and you just have wants.`
water H2O. Also a variety of environments of fish. Water dilutes and cleanses. Especially certain waters like the waters of Lake Heuron, used to cleanse souls from salt. Water is kept in flasks, pails, watering cans, and canisters which are usually kept by oneís side.
watering can Male sex organ. Also SEE gavel.
watering hole Place to pour water. Also refers to a danish.
waudeer Derivative of water. SEE water.
week Seven days. Is usually doubled up for any task. Almost everything happens in or takes two weeks. Sometimes two wigs are required too. Derives from the movie `Total Recall`. If something takes 1 week, it is said to take `half of two weeks`
werbler Unknown meaning.
wig A hair piece. Usually gray with rollers and tails, and almost always powdered for unknown reasons. It is said that one must always have a wig by his side, if not wearing it. Also it is customary to tip oneís wig when greeting another. Almost always is accompanied by a gavel and black robe. Many times wigs come in pairs, and are called Ďtwo wigsí. Also refers to the patch of hair above a danish. Can be said: `Have you flipped your wig?`
wig tail The tails on a wig that usually hang down with ribbons. The lord often swings his head around and whips you with his wigtails. You can also wear your wig backwards so the wigtails cover your eyes. Also refers to a dingleberry.
William A worker at the ACL computer labs of NYIT. He once turned sour, and remained that way for ever after.
William Shatner The most recent member of the GTA and entourage who, because of his celebrity status, pulled out the promotion to Stan's sidekick from under Henry Winkler who has been in the organization since it's begining. Shatner accompanies Stan on all his busyness trips and assists in most hindering and organizing of hindrance. Shatner usually takes time out to plan ahead and find the hotel room where the boys are staying and falls fast asleep in their bed before they arrive, making sure the sheet becomes dirty, hairy, and matted down from sweat.

wink To shut an eye. A dirty wink is to wink an anal cavity. Can mean the anus itself. This is popular with Dirk Wiggler and Henry Winkler. Also refers to an exceptional specimen of the female human. Can also be called fish or unit.
winsock.dll A cross between a flag or banner on a flag pole, and a library file in a computer OS.
Winstance Churchill III|2 Prime Minister of England in the 1940ís. Can be said: `Any instance of Winstance Churchill half of the third will do`
Winston Churchmouse A childrenís cartoon character who resembles a mouse that scutters across church floors in search of dirty wink. Is best friends with the other childrenís cartoon characters: Termy Hillfinger and Hen Reewinkler.
wookie-woogie The mating sound of a prehistoric animal some say to be the cicada. Was said to be heard during the lecture of Stan Silvermanís class at NYITís ACL computer lab.
work The act of intercourse. Also known as service, business or sinking. Used in: `I couldnít get any work done.`



The New Testimentary

Psalm 2:12 [99]

I would like to inform you of a cd sale at SIRE Records. You may sell yourself to the devil, or simply save yourself. Either way, Lord Kaiser looks down upon us as fuels. Some foolish people believe there are many gods, such as Lord Geiser, and Lord Geyser. I for one (that is, one of the foolish people), believe in 7.8 billion gods. I believe we are all gods, and the fool above us is useless man. Pop quiz, hot shot! How many buckets of water will it take to soak a silo full of kaiser rolls? answer: trick question- the silo is a missile silo which has no fuel. moral: never bob for kaiser rolls in a bucket of fuel.

Psalm 2:26 [99]

and then the laheurd struck down upon the with great vengeance. at the last supper, lord geiser broke kaiser rolls with all 7 of his imposters. he was then arrested for handing out illegal bread, mind you that the bread itself was illegal, not the act of handing it out, or even the fact that the bread was spread with fecal matter; in fact, that they commended him for. then they committed him and saved his soul for the devil. so it goes to show, fecal matters! it really does.

Psalm 3:1 [99]

Lehuerd save us. Everyone. For even the Lehuerd knows that one cannot FAX the lord in vain. Ever. In fact, all too often, the Leheurd saves those who cannot understand him or even ones he cannot even possibly understand himself. Albeit, all too soon for judgement.As you are fully self-aware of, Lake Heuron is the source of all geysers, good and bad. Especially bad. The fuelish ones, however, are fairly free to advocate their will upon the geyser that may or may not be illegal, depending upon the angle of the viewer. Never, though, can you expect a returned receipt of entry to such an illegal display. Mind you, the display itself is illegal, and not the act of displaying it. Only when contained in a large fuelish canister, can it be said to be deemed semi-legal. And sometimes near the perimeter of said Lake Heuron. If not, your soul will immediately be turned over to the devil.
Thank you.

Psalm 3:2 [99]

Armageddon is not 2000, it is 2030!
When the lord ascended from Lake Heuron, he exhausted down upon the with great fumes. He then said to his father, the seer of all, am I forescorned? The seer than said `No, you are forescorned, if and only if you are forewarned!` He then proceeded in the forescorning process. For even the lord has saved his soul for the devil. From the garden of good and evil, especially evil, came forth the lord geyser; from which all was spewed. Thank you.

Psalm 3:91 [99]

You should coushin your chair with the wads that youíre getting. Careful not to jocile your mac while its running softwindows with maya. For you will know the lord has forsaken you when he raises his mighty kaiser roll from the depths of Lake Heuron, and takes a hearty bite from the soggy mass. You will know all too well when you shake hands with Mr. McCrackin and he rips your arm and livelihood from the sockets that hold society together, to find yourself the redeemer of fortune. And his mighty self wants you to think for a minute, while you bash the holy head in the filecabinet door, who is the spider, and why has he forsaken me? And when the spider peers at you from side to side from behind the picture, say to yourself, `Lahuerd, I have done nothing but forewarned my neighbors about their fate in the year 2030, and I have even gave them a brief taste of 030, before I returned the hardware to sender.` You are then to proceed to Lake Heuron, where you are to engage in the self-forscorning process. But remember: When the all knowing sour Gerry looks down upon you from the high camera, 
like the lord does every time you save a piece of your soul for the forsaken one, simply link the camera to a deck playing a tape of you painting by hand cart. And now that we are finishing up the winter soulless, we can clear our minds of all sour thoughts, such as stolen ram and video cards spewed from the mouth of William, and the sour stench that spawns a variety of lifeforms when Don leaves the room, but also kills off some like the great storm and the dinosaurs. In some aspects, he leaves a great inheritance to his followers, which leaves you with a choice which can be taken wisely or not so wisely. Life or death. He leaves you wondering what the meaning of life is. Which leads me to believe that he is secretly a genius, disguising his wisdom in the voice of Ren. I believe Stimpy is the Lord himself, for Ren is always forscorning him. Hello, and thank you. sears robuck & comp.

Psalm 3:2 [99]

If I am to say that one is a seer, understand this: no man may control the flow of kaiser-soaked waters in said Lake Hueron. Even to entertain such a thought is to skip forewarning and directly initiate the forescorning process. For many years serbians have roamed the land in search on their souls, or at least a kaiser roll that resembles their souls. Once found, the soul is to be soaked to the bone and forescorned. Mind you that the soul itself is not illegal, but the act of soaking a soul to the bone may not be looked upon as wholesome. Someone is all to fuelish, even for their own good. No man's soul should forsake themselves, even when it is a foreseeable seer of all souls good and bad, especially bad. A kaiser is not equal to Hueron if and only if no fuel is necessary. Void where prohibited. Never get involved with Hubris or Werbler's when kaiser rolls are on the line. Soggy or not, the fate is yours alone. Leading me to believe that you should forescorn yourself, even if you haven't been forewarned, or even if you are not wrong at all. If not, you should immediately turn your soul over to the devil. Thank you.

Psalm 3:11 [99]

For I must CONGRADulate you on that last one. It ranks up there with the one from lord shiester. The lord has decided to save your soul because of it. Mind you that he is saving your soul for the devil. when lord lucifer took your soul, he had to pour salt on your soul to decontaminate it. He then returned it to sender, which then alerted the authorities to exhume your body and insert one illegal soul, mind you that the lord himself was illegal and not soul that was demonized. So the lord then placed cuffs upon his mighty self and immediately turned himself in for stock options. so from the point that we became lordless, Lord Kaiser S. So took over. All souls were to bob for kaisers at any given point, and any refusals were to bob for their own soul, which when finally bitten and retrieved was to be doused in salt and FedExed directly to the devil. For every soul knows that you can not fax the devil your soul with a footnote of a hard copy in the mail. It will be just returned to sender. And you must be a fool, if you were to accept the fate of a salted soul. For any solid minded kind sir knows to wash at least rinse it in the waters of Lake Heuron to cleanse the condiment. For the lord gathered his soul mates around his supper table to break peach cobbler and get the word out to all serbians that after his death, all are to report to Lake Heuron where the mighty geiser will take all their souls in one swipe for the next FedEx drop-off. For even the lord is late for FedEx sometimes. And when Mr. Keebler and his 7 elves parted the red sea, he then uttered to his fellow serbians, `follow me so you can be forsaken!` All too many adhered. Until next time, keep on fueling!

Psalm 3:17 [99]

who dares twist the fate of the all too seeing? donít forget to damn your soul to the devil, and stamp out all means of life form for your futile future. and never forget your salt supplement for the day to keep your soul shriveled. may the lord strike down and take your soul unexpectedly, and dreadfully, leaving you in a pool of your own piss and blood, thoughtfully named Lake Heuron, and to know that your last earthly event was chewing on a fecal sandwich. thank you. and youíre welcome.

Psalm 3:25 [99]

on the first day, the lord created the land of earth, on the second day, he gave it water and promptly called it Lake Heuron. on the third day he created man and called him Lord Kaiser S. Say. on the fifth day he sat back and reflected on all that he created on the fourth day. and finally on the sixth day, he created Howard J. Shvartza. on the seventh day howard created kiki. and on the eighth day he did her. mind you that he is god, and howard just watched. howie just swindled the lord into paying him for her. for even the lord succumbs to howieís demands. on the ninth day, howie bought acclaim entertainment, but fired himself. He then became president and CEO of NBC. for once you break bread with the devil, always your soul is condemned and salted. and that was the demise of our lord. he was traded for stock options and finally liquidated for a small sum. howie j now own all assets and rights of the lord and all lordships. for you must always carry a salt shaker for kind sirs sake-feuron!

Psalm 11:1 [99]

Hello unwelcome (one). For even the Lehuerd knows that you must keep mortars by your side. At ALL times. If not, your soul will be generously watered like a common garden-variety house plant and then, of course, gently rolled in a basket of salt for all to plainly see, then watered again, and repeatedly stepped on and stamped out to insure the maximum salt content. For it is not the soulless who need to worry about said fate, but the soulFULL who have been forescorned, but not forewarned - It is barely legal to asses the size of the ass that is. Of course it is what is unsaid that matters. Except in ass size, as previously said, and in matters of the heartless, pertaining to the fecacular arts, including, but not limited to, bronze ass-sculptures. Especially since you will be parading your soul around on a stick and referring to it as a salt lick. Now, use your soul as postage. You should be able to upgrade a Class `H` rate to a potential Class `J` rate. Rate `S` may cost more than your soul has to offer, especially with the separate packaging necessary and courtesy fax required. A courtesy flush may also be necessary to make sure your soul stays down. More unsaid.

Psalm 1:20 [00]

Does your seoul hold waudeer? or even Korea? Make sure when you get yours from the lord, that youíre wearing your very best wig and gavel. For you don't want the lord to disrobe you to find a powderless wig at your side. Because then, all hell would break loose, and the devil herself would come down from the heavens, to claim rights to your soul; copyrights, that is. And if the copyright process took too long, you would then have to fax the residual information directly to the devil, who would then email a return receipt to the lord, because all faces know you can not fax the lord- not because it is unethical, but because the lord's fax machine has needed toner for some time now. You know your in a world of shit, when you annoy the lord to point that he has to pull out of all seven, to take care of your shit. For you must keep this rule of thumb at your side at all times; `When the lord descends down for all to see in clear and present daylight in the center of Times Square, which he definitely will, you must pay strict attention to where his eyes wander to, and what ass he decides to split for all to see. For the lord will only pick the very best, and then try to inject all seven into said. Then, my dear friend, you will see what all humanity has been waiting for since the beginning of time, and all questions will be answered. The heavens will break open and all souls will be freed. But most importantly, during said activity, you are required and must be wearing your wig and gavel in ourdeur to be recognized as one of the saviors of the free world, in which then your soul will be denounced, and sent straight to hell in a basket composed of iodized granulated material. This is done because the lord has to teach a lesson to all, that even no matter how devoted you are, your ass can still be split, and your soul can still be licked.` With that said, please-for god's sake, keep a pail of waudeer by your side at all, and I mean ALL times. For the lord will catch you dry, and then you'll be up the creek when you can't douse and dilute your soul from the said punishment. And for keep sake, realize now that when explaining that your needy and holding out your hand to a well defined unit, that all you'll receive is 2 good hearty slaps to the jowls. One from the unit, and one from the lord. For even when the lord turns his back for a few minutes and you manage to find, he will spin his back around soon enough to demise all plans of mustard spraying and hatcheting of said ass. For you can not outwit the lord. He will never let you find and find alike. The ratio for acquired units for lord vs you will always be 7:0. So when the lord has 14 the sequential correspondent for you would still be 0. Understand this well. Another thing to remember, is when, and it will, Microsoft's empire falls, and our regime is at hand, all tables will be cluttered with hors d'oeuvres for all to see but not touch. And on the big screen will eternally loop the attached mpeg movie. send your soul to the devil via fax. also send a salt shaker in separate packaging. Until next time, keep a flask of dirty dish water in sight at all twilight hours.


Psalm 9:5 [98]

unfortunately, there is indeed an additional surcharge to `redundantly` copy and paste the texture image throughout your project. the image in question is intended for a single, one time licensed use only. any other additional use may constitute fraud and|or copyright infringement. let me remind you, sir, that the federal government imposes strict and harsh penalties for those who unlawfully make archival copies of their own work, much less others. it is recommended that you save applying the texture until the absolute last minute before the final render as to not rack up additional charges for using the texture in test renderings (surcharge applies). it is also unlawful to crop the image in photoshop 3.51 or greater (mac os) or photoshop 4.0 or greater (pc). our r&d department is hard at work developing counter measures to those who choose to be involved in such illegal operations inclusive of: copy, paste, save, save as, and of course crop. we will be working closely with microsoft, corp. over the next several months to disable these functions from the core operating system and any other program running under windows with it. you will be receiving an upgrade kit in the mail shortly. we have collectively determined that there is no need to disable these functions in the macintosh. because of the slow nature of these functions running under this platform, we expect to dispatch the authorities before the said operation(s) have time to finish. thank you.

Psalm 10:1 [98]

Hello sir,
I would like you to simply create a ski squadron descending down a mountain in flames. Mind you that the mountain is in flames as well as the skiers. (oh donít forget: I need snow particles shooting up from their skis at every move. I also need the snowflakes to land and form water droplets, that collect into puddles and flow down a river. Also, the people need to be melting as they descend, so by the time they reach the bottom, they resemble the remains of the metal guy in Terminator 2. And for some reason, I need the mountain to reveal that it is in fact a volcano and explode, and have the lava flow down and kill the last 15 skiers. I also need mud slung at the skiers from mysterious onlookers. Smoke MUST be emitted from the skiers as they descend. And when the survivors reach the bottom they must burst into flames.) Thank you. My budget is $113. This must be completed and redered within 2 days and layed off to D5 to be sent off to an undisclosed part of Russia in an unmarked brown bag. Please keep the total scene polygon count under 263. Thank you again.

Psalm 10:2 [03]

( BNG Newswire: 10-1-2003 )
Just like the legendary Sasquatch, Bigfoot or UFOs, it is very difficult to obtain photographic proof of their existence.
When confronted these creature(s) typically fly away, or simply disappear.
If you look closely in the background of this amazing photo you can see the reason why SSILVERMAN (Stan) was lured into the area if the first placeÖ he can never resist a fresh victim (and, quite frankly, why should he?)
We are unsure whether this photo is just before or just after the devastating attack, but by the looks of Stanís thick, dirty, bristly, unkempt beard and filthy, food-covered glasses we suspect it is likely just after the vicious assault. Also it appears as if the victim may be beginning to regain consciousness, although maybe the victim is actually just falling over. You be the judge. Maybe the stunned expression on Stanís face may hold a clue to this perplexing mystery and one of the most controversial photos of all-time.